Living in France I suppose I have been spared the horrors of Dora the Little Explorer and the Teletubbies and for that I should be thankful. Here in France, they have no “Saturday morning cartoons” tradition at all so my kids have never seen or heard of the Flintstones, the Jeffersons, the Wonder Twins…all that being said, my son does have – and love – SamSam. A purely French phenomenon, SamSam is a 5- or 6-year old superhero that lives on SamPlanet with SamMommy and SamDaddy who are, of course, superheroes as well. They live on SamPlanet and each have their own space vehicles to visit the nearby planets such as Marsh of the merciless Marshal 1st who hates when you point out that he looks like a cucumber with legs and who falls in love with SamMommy and SamSam’s teacher Marie-Agnès. As for bad guys, there are the pipiolits ( the Bed Wetters) who are small masked yellow guys with peepee pistols and who attack SamSam when he forgets to prepare for his space missions by the obligatory pre-depart peepee. There is also Barbaféroce (Ferocious Beard) and his gang of Piratroces (Atrocious Pirates) who terrorize the galaxy – at least until someone reminds him of his mommy or takes away his stuffed animals. And scariest of all is Crocauchemar (Fang Nightmare) who is always twisting reality which SamSam has to use his SamIntelligence to get back to normal.

Overall, it is a funny and pedagogical kid’s show with lots of wordplay. My son is a true addict. I wish it was available to you Anglophone parents because I think your kids would love it too!

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