One of those days…

Kiki, my personal torturer on this long Friday he doesn't look as mean as he really is

where you have 1000 things to do and you actually are able to do about 6 of them and yet in the space of time that that takes, you loose a doll of your daughter and 70€ which you had intelligently tucked away in your jeans before completely flipping out when you realized that the doll was missing so you threw the hapless child in the arms of the nanny that was guarding your son for the day (and who incidentally (and naïvely) taken a doctor’s appointment for 17h whereas you lost the “doudou” at 16h) and ran off to retrace the path you took to the last time you saw Kiki the Monkey (you can’t make these things up) and, naturally, you don’t see it and the toy shop folks wonder if you are not out of your head when you buy a second one before running break-neck out of there somewhere along the way losing the 70€ and arriving 25 minutes late to your apartment where your nanny has already started freaking on her end for her doctor’s appointment to the point of calling your wife who has SMSed you wondering why the nanny is calling her and you just kind of say…oh fuck.

Yep, it was one of those days. Without mention of missing your pal (father of two friends of your son) because during the “doudoud” episode he SMSed you saying he was on the way to the park and in all the excitement when you arrived (late) at 16h25 and you need almost 35 minutes to get the kids motivated to leave particularly your son who doesn’t believe you when you say his friends are waiting for him and when you finally get to the park, guess what, they are just leaving…like I said, one of those days…


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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One Response to One of those days…

  1. lili c. says:

    sorry for you ruff day cuz…well, it will be better tomorrow…

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