Mardi Gras BB – Zen Rodeo

Mardi Gras BB - Zen Rodeo

A quick one tonight about a crazy German band that musically is anywhere from rock to nawlins’ jazz to country and all in-between. I have their debug alligatorsoup which is interesting but what I prefer is their 2002 release, Zen Rodeo. It is a funny, hip album that is full of tongue-in-cheek references and features a great cover of Kung-fu Fighting. The BB stands for Big Band but I always thought it was Brass Band because the brass section has such a large place in many of the songs. The singing of Doc Wenz is immediately recognizable. Other highlights beside the cover tune I mentioned are Black Devil, Sucker in a Cage, CM Lover (with a great New Orleans style entry), and What about you, Sam. If you have never heard of Mardi Gras BB, this is probably a good place to start: light, funny, and very original. Who ever said the Germans only liked humpa-humpa oktoberfest music and Queen? Fortunately, they produced acts like this one to compensate for the Scorpions and Rammstein. Another group, albeit in the acid jazz category, I should review here sometime that is of German origin is De-Phazz but that’ll be for another post.


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