Miro Sculpteur at Musée Maillol (with the kids)

Miro Sculpteur at the Musée Maillol

Today, we took our daughter (17-months old) and my son (4 1/2) to see the Miro Sculpture exhibit at the Musée Maillol in the 7th. For those that don’t know this museum, it is in a small hotêl particulier near blvd Raspail. The ground level and part of the first level is dedicated to special exhibits such as this one. There is also a collection of Maillol’s work (renowned sculpteur of beautiful round nudes and some sketches and paintings) and a nice drawing cabinet with some nice sketches from Picasso, Ingres, and Redon among others. In the past, I have been here for an enormous variety of exhibits notably including Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon.

Joan Miró - Personage

This particular visit was the first with this kids because I figured that the primitive nature of the figures and the bright colors of the paintings would capture their little imaginations. I am happy to say that indeed, the exposition interested both of them. My son renamed all the sculptures (this one is Miro nana, this one is a sharky…) while my daughter was attracted to “Foulard beige”  (or “beige scarf”). Unfortunately, I can’t google up a copy to show you but it was a nice draft of Miro with lots of colorful bird-like figures on a beige background. The work of Miro is all so full of positive energy and is very feminine in that it is full of crescent moons and female nudes. There were a few obvious male nudes as well but we didn’t dwell on those with the kids for obvious reasons. Since there were probably 10 unique titles to the 50 or 60 sculptures presented, I can’t really give you a detailed review except to say that it is a feast for the eyes and senses.

Miro (left) admiring Ellington (at the piano) giving homage to Miro

Another high point is the video tucked away in the back of the ground level of the exhibit. We see the Duke himself playing an improvised Blues for Miró at the Foundation Maeght and that is a real treat! My daughter danced with me a bit and then my son also came over and danced as well. Jazz can be so infectious and apparently Miró’s work so impressed Ellington that he insisted on playing this immediately during his visit. It is a wonderful recording that in and of itself is worth the visit 🙂

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