Is traveling compatible with blogging?

I mean you come to a place like Tokyo, see old friends, want to visit stuff, you eat out…it leaves little time for blogging. Particularly also when you are 7h out of your native time zone. What I did realized this last day or so: probably a bad idea to read email at midnight after coming to the hotel after a night out. Reactions might be a little, well, over-reactions.

So, before I go out for dinner, a word about Tokyo and Fukushima. Folks here are not worried about the radiation. At least if they are, they are hiding it really well. Basically, one guy explained that we are getting about 10 heavy airborne particles ingested per day here. Most a flushed out of the system before then can emit anything resembling dangerous radiation levels. The background radiation is slightly over “normal” levels but only dangerous for young children or pregnant women at this point. So, am I scared? Not really, I am leaving in two days and will get radiated in the plane on the way back…that being said, folks here don’t trust the government to be truthful about the situation. In any case, the trip is going well, my class is great – they are the most successful one so far in the exercises I provided – and so I have other things on my mind anyway.

OK, so off to Roppongi!


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