Waiting for Breaking Bad and Mad Men

Breaking Bad, S3

And getting kind of impatient. Actually, I am not even really following Nurse Jackie or United States of Tara anymore either.

I wrote about some of these in the past: particularly Treme and The Wire. I know that The Wire is over definitively but supposedly Treme was to get a 2nd season.

I think my favorite all-time series has to be one of Six Feet Under (first one I really got into), Deadwood (stunning realism and fantastic dialogs), and Sopranos (need I say more). I never had the time get get beyond S1 of Dexter or Carnivale…anyway, these are great for those sleepless nights before having two kids…what are your favorites?


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3 Responses to Waiting for Breaking Bad and Mad Men

  1. Jon says:

    I could not get into Treme at all. You have to give Dexter another try. True Blood is very fun too, but sometimes it gets too make-believe for my tastes (I know the whole thing is about vampires, but still). Other great series were The Tudors and Rome, which were I think 4 and 3 seasons each. A great series that just started last year is Shameless. There was also Episodes last year – very well written. However, I just remembered the very best – Californication – great writing, very funny, and great eye candy.

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      I am a huge ‘Nawlins fan and so Treme was pure ecstasy for me. I’ll try and catch up on Dexter but probably no time for True Blood. I never saw Tudors. Rome S1 was good but S2 kind of wandered. Haven’t seen Californication and have never heard of Shameless or Episodes before – will try and check ’em out. Thanks for the tips 🙂

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