Coping with Jetlag, some tips


I guess over the years I have kind of gotten used to the jetlag thing. Actually, it really is a bit random as to whether it knocks you on your ass or not. I recall the trip to Montreal in May where the 3rd night out, I was completely knackered. Last week in Japan, I didn’t really get hit with that. I got in really early – I was at the hotel at about 6h30 – and decided to get a few hours sleep. I woke up about 13h00 and headed off to Shinjuku for shopping. The rest of the week I more or less could sleep until 7am (occasionally waking up at about 5am but being able to fall back asleep). On the way back, I took a night flight and was – thankfully – in business so was able to get about 6h of sleep in the flight. Once back in Paris at 4h30, I took my time getting back home so as not to wake the kids when I got there and have slid right back into my routine. For the moment, other than going to bed at “normal” hours – like before 22h00 – I am not being sledgehammered too bad.

I recall one friend being very convinced of the efficacity of melatonin. Personally, I never take anything. My rule is that one should get on the local timezone ASAP so that the body just kind of slips back into a good rhythm. That’s what I did this time – with the slight exception of the nap on arrival – and it has paid its dividends.

How about you? What is your jetlag trick? I need to know because in two weeks I am back on the road to Shanghai – but in Economy Class 😦


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