Torn and Frayed

A380 with upside-down fighter-jet in sky above

I was at the Le Bourget Air Show in Paris today for a customer meeting that lasted a whole 10 minutes. Kind of a waste of an afternoon had it not been for the dick-bending airplanes and such. Why do I title this one Torn and Frayed? Because on one hard, the airplanes are like a real dick thing – fast, metal, masculine – and yet most of the stuff there is meant to kill people – more than half of the stuff was pure military gear. So torn between the raw attraction factor and frayed over my anti-military (albeit naïve) state of mind. Note that during the week, it is a private show for customers and such. This weekend, it goes public.

Cool stuff I saw:

  • Two A380’s – one in-flight.
  • The 787 Dreamliner – beautiful plane with such a funny nose!
  • The C-5 Galaxy – holy shit that is sooo big inside
  • An F-16 and and F-15 – had that patriotic grin plastered on my silly face
  • A Super Constellation – such a beautiful old passenger plane – love the triple tail fins!
  • Mirage and Eurofighter demonstrations – loud but quite impressive – particularly the stall moves
  • The new 747-800 which is actually longer than the A380!
  • The A400m – I worked peripherally on this one so finally seeing it was cool
But still, there was a voice in my head saying “blood, blood, blood” when I was getting all hot and bothered from the kit. Anyway, I’ll have to see whether I can make it to Farnborough next year to compare and agonize some more. Such a glutton for punishment I am sometimes…

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