NSFCCDP Movie Review: Inception


I am not a big Carpaccio fan. I admit it. I mean, I don’t really like anything Scorcese’s pretty boy has done since What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. But like many other fellow nerds, when he was drafted into a scifi thriller, my interest was peeked a little. Well, I missed this one in the theaters because the day the NSFCCDP was supposed to see it, the movie theater was closed so we saw The Town instead. Seems like I forgot to review that one. Sorry. Anyway, as for Inception, watching it during my long flights between Shanghai and Paris on an iPad probably hampered my viewing experience as this one was probably much better on a huge screen. Leonard plays a professional dreamer mercenary who is able to map out dreamworlds and impose them on others. In this story, he goes down 5 dreams deep to try and get a guy to change his mind on running his dying father’s company so that Leonard can get back to his family. The plot was hopelessly convoluted let’s at least admit that. However, as a geek I have to say that the concept of time passing slower and slower as the dream depth increases was pretty cool as was the way they could calculate at which moment they’d need to successively wake up level-by-level. Back to my loathing of Leonard, its just that he is always playing the same fatherless, lost loser cum superhero cum cutie-boy and I find it grating personally. The whole “poor Carpaccio” thing with his ex- and the kids was a little overbearing.

High point: near the end when the van is tumbling into the water and the hotel dream starts spinning. I have to wonder how they managed to film that one – in water perhaps with divers and superimposed on the set? Anyway, for me that was the best sequence. I suppose that if I had a massive TV, I’d watch it again for the effects. But I sure won’t watch in again on my iPad. So there Carpaccio.


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2 Responses to NSFCCDP Movie Review: Inception

  1. Jon says:

    Inception was incredible on the big screen especially given the novelty of the story.

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