Lion and NSFCCDP Movie Review: Harry Potter VIIP2

I got Lion installed in 25 minutes yesterday morning with no issues. I was a bit disturbed by having the mouse upside down to be honest. But other than that, smooth upgrade. I didn’t realize that for the Version Control to work, all the apps have to be re-written…Overall, less impressive an upgrade for the moment than Snow Leopard was.

The NSFCCDP’s July outing was for HP7P2 last night. Not bad. MUCH BETTER than HP7P1 which was lame. The story got a bit hard to follow, what with the bits of Voldemort’s soul scattered bric-a-brac all over hell and creation and none of us fully understood the whole Snape-Harry-Dumbledorf thing that Harry sees in a vision towards the end. We also we in agreement that the acting, particularly of Harry, was not great. Perhaps owing to the character itself but a good example from m.poulet was that at the 19-year reunion, there were no smiles, no “how you been you old geezer you” or anything between the various protagonists. Weird. But still, the virtual world they created was aesthetically very beautiful and the film moved along at a much better rate than it’s predecessor. I suppose that given the dark nature of most of the scenes, it is NOT fit for a small screen (iPad or airplane seat) so see this one at home on the flat screen in 3D or go out and splurge in a movie theater. I’d say it was a 3.5 out of 5.


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