Lazy Ass and Winehouse Rant

What the F*?

I know what you are saying to yourself: what the fuck Fino? You are not delivering exciting new content on your blog at the moment. What’s up with that? Is it the aches and pains in your bones that are impeding your brain and fingers? Or are you so enamored (or disillusioned) with OS X Lion that it is giving you writer’s block? Or too buried in your damn Marketing work to be creative? I suppose that all of these contain a grain of truth. Well, there’s also the preparation for my first return home after almost 2 years with the kids. Kind of worried about being in a 747 with the two kids and wife for 9h35 – will my daughter be chillin’ and will my kid keep his attention glued to my iPad and the various in-flight movies or will he get a big case of the “gotta run up and down the aisles for the next 6 hours” (he did this once on the TGV between Montpellier and Paris a few years back). I am also getting a minor attack of paranoia regarding my flat because with the building nearly empty for a few weeks, burglars are a real threat. What to do. Chill pill? Safety deposit box for my iTunes disk? OK so get some work done and it’ll all make more sense. Right!?!

Amy Winehouse's One Contribution to Western Civilization

What’s the deal with all this blather about Amy Winehouse? OK, so she had one decent album with Back to Black from back in 2006. But face it, her first album Frank wasn’t that great and she wasn’t THAT talented. And she didn’t produce shit after Back to Black. She did keep the tabloid press busy with her public battles with drugs and alcohol and she did persistently rip off her concert-attending fans by being completely fucked nearly every time she took the stage – her record was what, about 15 minutes before puking on folks in the front row? And for all of this, people are comparing her to the incomparable 27’s: Brian, Jim, Kurt, Janis and Jimi? Get off it. Not even the same universe baby. All of the above had more than 23 songs to their credit. And all were far more talented. Is this sad? Yes. Is this a waste of potential? Yes. But does this elevate Amy to godlike status of any of the so-called 27 Club? Not in my book.


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2 Responses to Lazy Ass and Winehouse Rant

  1. Erik Spierenburg says:

    Gotta disagree here Fino, but that’s the point isn’t it 🙂 Frank is pretty awesome, less accessible than Back to Black. The potential for true greatness was there with Amy. And the number 27 is just that, a number. I do not believe anyone is comparing her to Janis or Jimi other than the age thing.

    Still, what a waste of talent and potential.

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      Some neighbors (albeit admittedly not the most musically literate ones) were making the comparison. I suppose that one could stretch and compare here to Corbain who only really had two albums (I never really liked Bleach and Incesticide was post-humous) and that one MTV Unplugged to his credit (as well as that of Grohl and the others of course). Chuck Klosterman makes the argument in “Eating the Dinosaur” that Nirvana wasn’t around long enough for us to really judge them for being a “great” band. Perhaps the same will be said for Amy?
      OK, so I’ll give Frank another listen but the first two or three cursory listens didn’t really do it for me.
      Thanks as usual for the friendly banter Erik. Just keeping’ me honest?
      PS. Just listening to William Shatner’s “Has Been”. Funny as shit!

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