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Venice: Romantic Getaway

My wife and I were off to Venice this past weekend. It was the first time back for us in almost 7 years. What an amazing, gorgeous place. We got extremely lucky because the weather was extraordinary and we just … Continue reading

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NSFCCDP Film Review: Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

OK, so my expectations were initially high because I thought “Shit both cowboys and aliens in the same move – that’s gotta rock!” Then I reconsidered and thought, “Man, that could also really suck.” So, I had to naturally make … Continue reading

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Traffic Circle Rant and FourSquare Addiction

I mean really, WTF!?! The folks that design traffic circles and workarounds on construction sites must all have some sort of collective mental retardation here in the region around Paris. I mean, here’s a great idea: let’s work on a … Continue reading

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I Cugini, Penelope and Pink Floyd’s Animals

The kids are away and my wife and I get to pretend we are childless for a week before a romantic getaway weekend in Venice to see La Treviatta this weekend at the legendary Fenice Operahouse. So, we are able … Continue reading

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The New New HP

Ok, so it is crazy just about everywhere these days. Microsoft’s purchase of Skype and Motorola Mobile acquisitions by Google are game-changing moves but don’t change the fiber of either company. However, the dropping of WebOS and PC’s by HP … Continue reading

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Get well soon cousin of mine! and back to sports for me!

I heard from my mom today that one of my California cousins had a few light strokes. The cousin in question is only a few years older than me (must be about 48 I reckon) and is a fantastic chef … Continue reading

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Paris Plage 2011

I can’t claim to be a Paris Plage regular but I have tried to go at least one day every year in its 10 year existence. For those not “in the know”, Paris Plage is an operation of the city … Continue reading

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