Take me out to the ballgame: Marlins vs Cards

I took my wife and son to their first baseball game at Sun Life Stadium featuring the Marlins vs. the Cardinals. It started out wet – and I do mean wet – with an 80 minute rain delay. Fortunately, it was a Family Sunday so there we some activities for my son to do while we were waiting. Also, thanks to my dad, we got club-level seats and could have a pleasant sit down dog in the air-conditioned dining area there on the 2nd floor. Very nice except that the espresso stand was closed – only open for football games we were told, how strange! At least the bar was serving cold Sam Adams Lager on tap as consolation. As for the game, well the Marlins pretty much sucked and threw this one away on two errors, several wild pitches and just generally bad pitching. Despite all of that (and despite the cancellation of Diamond Run which my kid has looked forward to but which was cancelled owing to the rain), both my wife and son stayed all the way to the bitter end and seemed to really enjoy it. Admittedly, stadiums like Fenway or even Anaheim have more inter-inning activities and games on the big screen than Sun Life. Was it the smaller crowd? I think it is just less tradition here. Plus, the Marlins will soon be renamed and moved to a spanking new stadium built on the ruins of the regrettably disappeared Orange Bowl so maybe in their new reincarnation, there’ll be more animation – and more Cracker Jacks!

I swear that I miss baseball so much living in Frogland. I might even buy a tee for my kid and start playing t-ball in my Parisian courtyard. In any case, my kid wore his new Marlins cap to bed. Ain’t that what baseball is all about after all?


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