Battle of the Burgers 2011

During this trip, I made a point of trying lots of different burgers. Back in Paris, there is only McDonalds (or as we say there ‘MacDoh’) so at first I went to Wendy’s. It was late in Orlando after Disney World and the joint was empty. The burgers were greasy but slightly more tasty than McDo, but the fries were too greasy. Plus, this particular Wendy’s was out of chili and had no salad bar (ok, apparently no Wendy’s has salad bars anymore but then that shows you how long it’s been). Perhaps that it not a representative sample, but I am not impatient to return to Wendy’s. I think that they have not aged well. As for BK Lounge, we went to one in a Shell station on the way back from Cocoa Beach. I thought that the burgers were tastier but that the fries were just OK. So far, McD’s still was holding out. Today, I tried Johnny Rocket’s in the Dolphin Mall. Total disaster. The service was very slow, one of the orders was wrong, my burger had a hair in it (ew! yuck!) besides the greasy poor-tasting burger patties and forgettable fries….the manager reluctantly didn’t make me pay for the hairy burger. However, I insisted on getting two free shakes and they were also mediocre – mine went right into the waste bin. While I am on the subject, do you think I should have refused to pay for the entire meal or just for my sandwich? Hmm. Anyway, I have a winner in the Burger Battles: Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Now these guys make some mean burgers and delicious fries! Neither the burgers or fries were greasy and honestly, they all tasted simply great. My wife who is very hard to please in fries was enamored with these! No wonder their walls were plastered with Best Burger awards. So, there you go, Five Guys take the Fino prize.

An honorable mention to the late (?) Fuddruckers which is apparently becoming an endangered species, but which also was a great burger spot it its time. There is one place left that might be a competitor: the one Sonic Burger here in Homestead. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know 🙂

This made me think about how someone could enter the burger market and really compete. I mean, McD and BK have the market pretty much cornered. I suppose from a marketing point of view, the differentiation must either come from an attempt at service (the 50s atmosphere of JRs despite the lame burgers and fries) or from a push on quality and honing done to bare essentials (5G doesn’t sell anything other than burgers and fries). Fuddruckers had played on freshness (you saw the butcher shop with fresh meat as you walked in). Something to keep in the back of my mind…


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3 Responses to Battle of the Burgers 2011

  1. Len Coleman says:

    Just out of curiosity Michael, if you wadded up all of the wrappings, napkins, and serving utensils for a family of four eating at McDonald’s,
    just how big of a soccer ball could you make?
    Uncle Len

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      I wouldn’t know ‘cos honestly, I avoid McDo like the plague but since soccer balls only come in one size…I suppose though that you’d get at least a volleyball if not a soccer ball out of it. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment Uncle L. See you Monday night perhaps…

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