Miami Times continued: Sonic Beach and the Miami Children’s Museum

Well, to finish off from yesterday, I tried Sonic yesterday and it didn’t beat Five Guys on taste either for burgers or fries. The atmosphere with the drive-in and beach tables was nice and the service very fast and friendly, but the food was just ok.

Before I mention the Biltmore, a word about the Miami Children’s Museum which we visited today because Bob the Builder was in da house. Situated across from the previously reviewed Jungle Island, it is a pleasant place to spend a few hours with kids from 2 to about 12 I am guessing. It was loads of exhibits each sponsored and thus themed around local South Florida businesses: a cruise ship section sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines, a mini-supermarket complete with cash registers sponsored by Publix, a fishing pond sponsored by the Miami Seaquarium…you get the idea. Despite the overt commercialism, the displays and experiments were thoughtful and for the most part educational. I think my son was a little too Bob-minded to fully appreciate the karaoke section or the art section but I think we’ll be back. That being said, the Bob they walked out looked a bit stoned because another guy had to push him along and ensure he didn’t fall over on top of a kid or run into a wall. My son kept asking “why doesn’t he talk?” and all I could come up with was that he had a throat infection from the long flight over from the UK. What really annoyed me was that Bob was ultra-late so perhaps he was really sauced or something.

The Biltmore is splendid. Gorgeous pool, wonderful bars…more tomorrow including a review of the mega Snday morning brunch!! We ate in a restaurant cum bookstore recommended by the concierge called Books and Books which was splendid as well. What a nice start of the parents-only/no kids weekend 🙂


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