Paris Plage 2011

Paris Plage (albeit a photo from 2008)

I can’t claim to be a Paris Plage regular but I have tried to go at least one day every year in its 10 year existence. For those not “in the know”, Paris Plage is an operation of the city of Paris under the initiative of our mayor, Bertrand Delanoe wherein the quais of the Seine are converted into beaches during late July and early August. It is a change from the mega-traffic that is usually experienced on the quais. It may be the first year but there is also a smaller version up on the Canal de l’Ourcq near the Parc de la Villette. Tomorrow, I think the family and I will do a canal cruise from there and I’ll let you know about that. As for the Seine version, it is pretty cool with plentiful sand, a nice, huge sandcastle, loads of showers and other activities, ice cream, bars, etc. This year, it feels fairly family focussed with more children’s stuff to do: my kid loved the little adventure parc complete with a tyrolean swing. My daughter loved dipping here ice cream cone in the sand and then eating it. To each their own, right? I recall there being an outside pool last year but they seem to have dispensed with that this time around. Actually, it is pretty cool because they are always tweaking the formula a bit. This year, there is a really cool paddle boat thing in front of Hotel de Ville that is probably worth the detour if you are in Paris with very young kids. Over the years, it has been plagued with horrid weather. I think I got really lucky that after my rainy Miami holiday, the weather here is beautiful and so the excursion was a real success this year.

There was a time when I hosted a Paris Plage After-Party in my bachelor’s pad on rue Monsieur le Prince and it was a doosey with 150+ attendees, perhaps twice that in bottles taken to the recycling bin and countless other stories forgotten in the haze of alcohol and now time (this was in the early heyday of Paris Plage back in 2002/2003). Needless to say, a marriage and two kids later, my Paris Plage adventures stay far more sober and civilized.

OK so, gotta catch up on Dexter now, S2E06 is waiting…


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