Get well soon cousin of mine! and back to sports for me!

I heard from my mom today that one of my California cousins had a few light strokes. The cousin in question is only a few years older than me (must be about 48 I reckon) and is a fantastic chef as well as a super dad of three beautiful girls and a great husband to his lovely wife. While it is true that he is pretty tightly wound, I was still surprised by this news. And sobered by it. I mean, this sounds a bit like the beginning of a crash from overdrive. Let that be a lesson to me. Time off, down time, family time, with no work and nearly no stress is so critical to good health! Get better cousin of mine! and try to take a little perspective on everything. Don’t let the stress get in your marrow – I suppose that is easier said than done though. I mean this cousin has always been a “suck the marrow out of life and then kick its sorry ass” kind of guy but perhaps he just needs some long extended vacation. He threatened to visit us here in France (he hates the French). So, look cousin, put aside your misgivings about the frogs and come and visit!

Tomorrow I start a new program. I will run and swim and bike as well – REASONABLY – while I wait to fix my knee. I found a doctor – at least got a good reference but the problem will be getting an appointment given the summer vacations and the busy “rentrée” just around the corner.


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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