Traffic Circle Rant and FourSquare Addiction

I mean really, WTF!?! The folks that design traffic circles and workarounds on construction sites must all have some sort of collective mental retardation here in the region around Paris. I mean, here’s a great idea: let’s work on a roundabout right at the intersection of a major freeway at the same time break the connection with that freeway and – bonus- reduce the lanes for people leaving the adjacent industrial (read where people work) zone and heading for that freeway (incidentally the unique path to get to Paris) at the same time. Right now with, say, 3 cars, the road is already saturated. I just can’t wait until September when all 12,000 people in this zone are back working and commuting. It’ll be such a beauty…

Anyone else obsessed with FourSquare or am I just a bit mentally challenged myself? There is something satisfying in being mayor of places like my company’s dumpy office in Tokyo or my local supermarket. Yeah right. And there is even more in being #1 in check in points. Except that to bask in the glory, the people I beat have to be on the iPhone app as well because the damn web interface doesn’t give a Top 10 list. Why is this so addictive? Why did I use Data Roaming during my US vacation to check-in and build up a $450 phone bill? Am I nuts? 4sq anecdote: I get an email on FB the other day from some bozo (not a FB friend) complaining of my spamming his FB with my check-ins. First off, he can filter who sends him updates so why bother me? Second, why is he getting my updates because I set the FB security up to friends-only? Is this a security bug on the sacred FB site? It is harder and harder to be a nerd these days! And I still don’t know what compels me to use 4sq. In fact, is this symptomatic of a larger iPhone addiction than a specific 4sq one? Perhaps I need a vacation from my iPhone? Hmm, decisions, decisions…

Off to see Cowboys and Aliens tonight…expectations are rather low…will report on it tomorrow.


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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