TV Series: Dexter Season 2 and S03E01 thru S3E07

Once again, I am just catching up here. I watched Season 1 when it came out just before I had kids and haven’t gotten around to catching up with him until very recently. Fortunately or unfortunately, friends have already let me know that Rita’a days are numbered and that there is a new nemesis for Dexter coming: the Trinity Killer. But, since I am a very context-oriented person, I wanted to start where I left off and watch the four missed seasons before Season 6 starts in October.

Season 2 was a decent follow-on to Season 1. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed with the Hollywood-style ending of Season 1 which discouraged me from continuing way back when. After several folks incited me to try D again, I am encouraged by what I saw this time around. There were some elements that lingered too long – particularly Doaks lingering in that cage in the Glades for what seemed like the entire season – and some conversations that seemed more suited for daytime soaps – particularly those between Doaks and Dex in the cabin. Some of the twists were interesting – I am thinking of the brief love affair between Debra and the FBI guy – and some were things were a bit overplayed – Lt LaGardia’s Doaks obsession was a little much. The interior dialog of Dexter was intriguing as was our continuing voyeurism into his tumultuous past. His relationship with the deranged Brit babe was sexy but a bit overdrawn as well. I have heard D fans say that Seasons 2 and 3 were a bit weaker than the other ones…

I am midway through Season 3 where Dexter has his first friend, Miguel Prado. I think the action and intrigue works well and the twist of Rita’s pregnancy pushes the morality questioning of the show up a level. At some times, Rita’s character is a bit annoying but since I know she isn’t long for this world, that isn’t a big deal. One thing I didn’t quite see in the transition – did I miss something? – was the final rupture between Debra and the older guy – I thought they were still in touch but he seems to have evaporated completely from here psyche in S03. Her new relationship with Anton is really interesting – he is a great character I think. I suppose I am impatient to see how The Skinner gets resolved and whether Miguel will stay “for real” and what is going to happen with the unstable Ramon.

Overall, I’d say that S01 is still the best I have seen but that S02 is pretty good and so far S03 is keeping my interest peaked. My understanding is at S04 and S05 will both be explosive…we’ll see pretty soon…

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3 Responses to TV Series: Dexter Season 2 and S03E01 thru S3E07

  1. C’est une bonne nouvelles, tu commences enfin dexter !!

    • plmtoday says:

      Thanks Julien. Let me just say though that watching Dexter just before going to bed is a unnerving 🙂
      Three more episodes and on to Season 4…almost caught up on Breaking Bad as well…

  2. Jon says:

    My Dexter season rankings:
    #1 – season 4 — always will be memorable; suspenseful from start to finish.
    #2 – season 1 — kicked off a great series and the Icebox Killer and “family ties” ending is very memorable.
    #3 – season 3 and season 5 tied — both are quality, but not as memorable as seasons #1 and #4; I actually struggle to remember the whole Skinner story line, but when reminded of it I recall enjoying it. If I had to choose one over the other I guess I would pick season 5, but I sometimes got the feeling during season 5 that we were very close to jumping the shark.
    #5 – season #2 — really hard to remember much from it after a while other than it was the “Doaks” season; was there even a bad guy in it (other than Dexter I mean 🙂 )?

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