TV Series: United States of Tara Season 3

One of my friends and colleagues is probably right – it’s probably a good thing that Season 3 is the end of United States of Tara. I mean, the show was really good but the ideas did seem to be wearing thin towards the end. And things did seem to get annoyingly repetitive. That being said, the ultimate conclusion was interesting. There is an open question in my mind: how do Max and Tara afford the super shrink in Boston on only Max’s salary and how did he get his cheap ass boss to give him three months off to be with her during the treatment? I liked the professor character and was sad to see his eliminated several episodes before the end. As for the other characters, it was so obvious once she was talking to the bag guy at the airport that she was going to be a stewardess. I was kicking myself in the ass saying shit, I should have seen that coming. The move of Tara’s sister, her dwarf boyfriend/husband, “Wheels” and Marshall to Houston was an interesting move…the death of each of the alters was also a good twist although after a while, the Bryce character was so reprehensible, I was just agonizingly waiting for Tara to get the best of him.

So, does she ever really get better? That is the ultimate question that the show leaves you with you want to believe that yes, the guy in Boston will figure it out but you have the sneaking suspicion that she is so far gone in her syndrome that it would really be miraculous if she did. Perhaps, that is the meaning of the final episode: she must miraculously get cured and in so doing eliminate the central theme to the show, otherwise there would be a Season 4, right?

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