Kid Birthday Parties – or how to get 2 hours of peace on a weekend

Sounds pathetic, I know, but as a parent of two young kids, weekends with a kid’s birthday party are like a godsend sometimes. Today, my son was at a birthday party (a girl friend of his turning 4 years old) and since I got to drop him off (on the other side of town no less), I got to run an errand (you wouldn’t believe what an accomplishment that is) and enjoy a long expresso before getting back into the parenting saddle, picking him up with the wife and daughter and the who intense parenting “fin de la jour née-I’m fussy and tired” routine started again. Actually, the grandmother of the birthday girl (in whose large apartment the birthday was held) was really interesting, well-read, and an art dealer of all things. The other interesting observation of this afternoon was that as a non-smoker, I was in the minority for the first time in several years. Well, the parents of the girl whose birthday it was were separated and there was another mom that is getting divorced that was there so perhaps for them, it was just the stress. But there were at least four other people smoking as well. I am so glad to have quit but now in retrospect realize that it was quite a crutch when dealing with anxiety or stress. Perhaps, now, I deal with it by writing or just keeping myself busy…something to think about some more…
-Yawn- and with that, I am off to bed. Good night tweeps.


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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