TV Series: Dexter Season 4

Dexter, Season 4

Wow! What a season! I watched the 4th season of Dexter on my trip over to Boston this week – 8 episodes on the plane, one in the hotel room until it got too late and then the remaining three the next evening. Clearly, the friends and colleagues that told me that this was the best season since the 1st one were totally right. The intrigue of the Trinity Killer played amazingly by John Lithgow was excellent. Honestly, there was a moment in E09 where I turned it off because it got too tense and I thought it would affect my sleep. The sad demise of Lundy and the mess that leaves in Debra was good writing although the elimination of André from the story was a little disappointing. Overall, the dialogs stayed tense and emotional without getting sappy. The various plot lines were not too far-fetched and the continuing “humanization” of Dexter was fascinating. In particular, the similarities that he initially finds with Trinity and the consequent disillusionment when he digs deeper were well done. It is also regrettable that Rita was removed from the story but it was an excellent denouement for the last episode. The haunting memories that come back to Dexter and the parallels that are drawn all are riveting.

So, only one more week to catch up with Season 5 before Season 6 starts…


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