DFW: First approach and quick blurb on Klosterman IV


To be honest, I had never heard of David Foster Wallace before he was already gone. I saw a bunch of obits on various writer’s blogs that I was scanning at the time and got mildly interested but was reading lots of other stuff. Well, I finally kicked myself in the ass and purchased Something Supposedly Fun That I’ll Never Do Again and Infinite Jest. I have started the former and am struggling through the second chapter. The first chapter is a pretty interesting anecdote about his growing up in the flat state of Illinois as a tennis-star almost-ran. The one I am struggling with now is about the Illinois State Fair. It is a big long to be honest. What I can say about his style so far is that it is relaxed and erudite – almost classic Generation X but a bit more cynical. I’ll have to read more to tell you more but despite the length of the chapter, I am gonna make my way through it and on to the remaining short stories.

In parallel, I am also still struggling through Chuck Klosterman IV because here the writing is a bit uneven. Some chapters are hilarious and full of insight. Others, well, are interesting but not passionate. There is something to be said about spoiling oneself on 19th C French classics and then trying to catch up with contemporary American writers – it is a bit challenging to say the least. I did like the Radiohead and Wilco chapters in any case…but still only halfway through after two months. As mentioned previously, as a full-time working manager of 2 and dad of 2 and husband of 1, time for concentrated reading has been worn down to a nub.


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