Running low on creative juices

I feel like I have nerly exhausted my blog post ideas. Well, that’s not entirely true. Its just that I am so busy with crapola that I don’t have much time to do stuff that’s interesting enough to blog about. Take today for instance, I sweated out a PowerPoint last night and this morning but during the targeted meeting, the PowerPoint was completely unnecessary. Now, perhaps that is a good thing, I mean PowerPoint should aid in communication and not necessarily just BE the communication. Anyway, I didn’t read anything last night and was too tired to blog afterwards. As for the meeting in question, it went reasonably well even though I probably would not have gotten as far without my boss’s backup. So much for independence 😦 Granted, the issue was primarily political…which actually reminds me of a conversation I had last evening with a colleague. Basically, I took exception to a marketing message that was, well, inaccurate. Ok, stop laughing at the naïve schmuck who actually thought that integrity was compatible with marketing. I called the colleague so that he could convince me that there are many truths and -AUM- I must embrace THIS truth for my own sanity. So, here is me, the tech-weenie trying to believe the marketing language or at least, as another colleague puts it on a regular basis – choose my battles. Not easy sometimes, this marketing stuff!

In other news, holy shit Episode 11 (out of 12) on Breaking Bad was fucking great! For thoe holding out, I learned yesterday that BB was now available on Netflix. RANT: I am so fed up with having access to stuff like Netflix, Pandora, and ESPN blocked over here in Frogland. Really pisses me off. Thank god that that iTunes stocks Dexter and BB although there too I have to cheat using a US bank account and a US credit card…can’t wait for next week’s season finale. With a little luck, I’ll be watching it imy hotel room in Detroit next Sunday night!


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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