NSFCCDP Protest and Strike and TV Series Review: Dexter Season 5

Even this would have been better than the crap that is screening in Paris right now! BTW, love the website I found this on!

The NSFCCDP formally declared a moratorium on shite movies last night in canceling the scheduled monthly bacchanal. Seriously, there wasn’t a single movie that even slightly interested me. Shark 3D, please! Where the hell are the good SciFi or just guy movies?

I finished Dexter Season 5 last night. I think that after Episode 9, it went downhill. Up to Episode 9, the rhythm was good and the shows were pretty scary and believable. However, after that, things, in terms of the script in any case, seemed to unravel. The last episode where Jordan gets his comeuppance, was particularly bland. I mean, OK so Dex does the knife in the foot trick. Couldn’t they have stretched out the suspense there just a little rather than reserving such a long time for the pathetic lovey-dovey of Quinn (not very believable how he got off) and Debra (always a bad choice of men) during Harrison’s birthday party. The scene was definitely filmed in LA because that was not a park anywhere in Miami that I know of. At least I don’t think it is.

Now, I have a real problem. On Sunday night, I’ll be in my hotel bed at 10pm and have to choose: Dexter S06E01 on Showtime -or- Breaking Bad S04E12 on AMC. A season debut vs. a thrilling season finale. Argh, this is gonna be tough! Perhaps they have Tivo in the hotel. Naw, I didn’ t think so…


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