TV Show Time Warp

Is it just me or is it a little annoying when TV shows screw up entirely on time? What I mean is, a story on a show will from a screenwriting point of view take place over a few days (or maybe just one day like 24) but week after week as they are shown, the seasons change, holidays come and go and yet in the story, we are still moving forward at the same pace. I know we can’t suspend time for the shows and all, what I mean is that as the show producers know that Thanksgiving or Christmas or summer break are happening in the “real world” and so they try to work that into the plot – even if that means doing a time warp. Say for instance someone is waiting for a call and it is just before Halloween. The next 3 shows will show the person agonizing about it over a 72 hour period and then for the Thanksgiving show, they’ll get the call. So in the real world, and even in the depicted TV show world, it looks like the two holidays have come and gone. However, in the storyline, the whole month passes in 72 hours. Here’s another example, in S04 of Dexter when Agent Lundy returns to Miami and sees Debra for the first time since S02 (so on the calendar two year break max), she snubs him saying “no calls for THREE years”. Now, the show itself is more or less back to back so where did that extra year go or perhaps the writers just screwed up? Harrison at the end of S04 is the same age roughly as the Harrison in S05 with maybe one month difference. Now, I didn’t check close enough to see if it was the same kid, but in theory, the aftermath of Rita’s murder is the subject of the first part of the season even though the end of S04 and the beginning of S05 are separated in the real world by about 9 months (December 2009 to September 2010). It is probably all the the old “suspension of disbelief” or we are all so used to TV that we just let it slide and allow TV time to completely abuse real time. Do the Time Warp!


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