Bye bye D and The Dirtbombs

Comerica Park - Beautiful place for baseball!

After a week of teaching in Detroit, I am on my way back home. I hadn’t been back to D in about 15 or 16 years I believe. I remember loads of rain but no burned out buildings. This time around, I was treated to fantastic fall weather. Even better, I was taken care of by my friends and colleagues there: a Red Wings pre-season game and a Tigers playoff game! It was fantastic. In addition, I met one of the guys who has regularly commented on my blog (Hi Ed!) and made loads of new friends. All in all, much beer was drunk and fun was had. I truly was not expecting such a warm welcome and such a pleasant visit!
That being said, I had two hiccups: the Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham is TO BE AVOIDED. Terrible hotel – if in that area of the metropolis, I’d suggest the Hilton Garden Inn or the Somerset Suites – both cheaper and probably a little more versant in customer service. Also, the Palazzo di Bocce, which was a fun place to play petanque, kind of ripped me off for $240. OK, so let’s not let any of that spoil an otherwise fantastic week.

Baseball at Comerica Park is fantastic. No bad seats really, right next to Ford Field, and great atmosphere. It was my 11th baseball park. Go Tigers tonight!

Staying on the Detroit subject, just wanted to plug, once again, a great D band: The Dirtbombs. I love listening to these guys and their eclectic fun music. If you don’t have any Dirtbombs yet, start with Ultraglide in Black. They have the motown-ish spirit of previously-reviewed Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears but with a heavy punk influence probably owning to their origins in The Gories.


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