TV Series: Breaking Bad Season 4 – Perfection!

Breaking Bad Season 4 - Walt is SOOO badass!

Unbefuckinglievable. This series from the get go has been incredible. All of the characters (with the possible exception of Skyler and Marie – sorry but the lady roles here are really secondary) are so well drawn and acted. The camera work is astounding and goes hand in hand with the music and decor. The suspense just continues to build and nearly boil over. And yet, they haven’t yet “jumped the shark”. The plots are still well-weaved and not far-fetched. The two protagonists, Jesse and Walt, grow and change and evolve – one from criminally insensitive to caring and human, the other from normal and boring to borderline psychotic genius. The trajectories are so carefully traced as if Balzac himself was a ghost writer. I have nothing but praise for Breaking Bad.

This 4th season has been as explosive and exciting and blood-pumping as the other three. In fact, it is hard to say which season is really “the best” because each has incredibly horrific but tremendous moments (Krazy-8’s murder and disposal in S1, the death of Jane and airplane crash in S2 (with allusions during the entire season), the murder of Gabe at the end of S3)…and now S4. I won’t spoil here, or at least I’ll try to avoid doing so. One question for others that experienced this season, did Mike just succumb to his injuries? He seems to have disappeared from the script after E11 and to be honest, I actually liked him in a repulsive kind of a way. Suffice it to say that there is a monster scene in the final episode that deserves an award all by itself. It made me wonder whether they didn’t consult Roberto Rodriguez because it has his signature all over it. There was something majestic about Face Off (the title of E13) and it hit me about 15 minutes afterwards how the name was pun in itself. Like I said in starting this article, unbefuckinglievable. You MUST see this series and you will absofuckinglutely be blown away by E13. Guaranteed. Just ask Gus.


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