TV Series: Dexter S06E01 and E02 – so this is supposed to be scary, right?

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I suppose that the storyline is getting hard to carry forward after 5 complete seasons of Dexter. They hit a high with Seasons 1 and 4 and lulls with seasons 2, 3 and 5. So, does that pattern mean that Season 6 will be mediocre and then Season 7, if it is renewed, will bring us back breathless every week? In any case, the initial two installments of Dexter have been a bit disappointing so far. The bad guys seem more perverted than evil and the supposed questions around god, life and death are a bit over-wrought. I find the storyline for Debra highly improbably (regarding Quinn inevitable) – you will notice that I am CAREFULLY avoiding any spoilers here. The new characters are a little bland to be honest and the relationship between Dex and Harrison a little too lovey-dovey. Perhaps that is the point, the juxtaposition but it seems a bit affected. Even if Season 5 ended so pathetically, it is a shame that the character of Lumen, imperfect as she was, didn’t last because that would have IMHO added an interesting twist to the plot. Mitsuka’s intern is also a bit in the “jumping the shark” category. Like sure, this bleached bimbo is gonna become the greatest investigative cop since Debra? Hmm, hard to believe. There was no explanation given for the replacement of Harrison’s S05 nanny either. Angel’s sister shows up and whammy, she is kicked out? Or did I miss something? Lastly, I wish they’d ditch the Maria character. It seems they really don’t know what to do with that particular storyline and as previously alluded to, I am not too happy with the current plot twist she is embroiled in. Darn it Trinity, come back from the dead – now that would be scary!

As you can seen, overall, I am a bit disappointed. Who knows? Perhaps they are trying to get into a groove – they had just better hit it before E07 because I am gonna lose patience pretty soon…

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