TV Series: Weeds S01

Weeds Season 1

I know, once again here is Fino talking about a series as old as dirt! But 2005 is not that long ago right? Anyway, on the insistence of one of my readers (Thanks Jon!), I started watching Weeds last week and actually liked it a lot. Nancy Botwin is a convincing yuppie mom trying to survive her widowhood with a highly profitable side business. I definitely prefer her character over that of her stupid brother-in-law Andy who I find really annoying. I love the characters of her two kids, both Silas and especially Shane are well-acted and well-constructed characters. I think I prefer the Conrad character over the Doug one as well. Celia is growing on my too. In any case, the story is sort of a mashup of The Wire, The Sopranos and Breaking Bad with elements of each. The originality of the plot is a real draw and I am curious how they will carry this story through all 7 (maybe 8?) seasons. Yes, I did cheat and read ahead on Wikipedia so I know ultimately how this will all end up. However, the character development and storyline are still interesting enough for me to want to continue. I guess what I appreciate about Weeds most is the twisted humor from the various situations that Nancy finds herself in. We are, of course, rooting for a bad guy but then after Dexter, Tony and Walt, that is becoming a habit. After Weeds though, I think I am going on a series diet for a while to catch up with reading because I would like to finish the three biographies that I had scheduled for this year: Ben Franklin, Joe Stalin and, most impatiently, Molly Ivins 🙂


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