Blogging and Ego followed by Raining Cats and Frogs and the Impossible Task

Dilbert about blogging abuse

Does one have to be an egomaniac to become a blogger or is it intrinsically masochistic? From an egotist point of view, I am basically saying to my readers that my words are important enough to float around on this nebulous virtual thing called the web. The masochistic part is the crestfallen look I get when my readership drops from an already pathetic 45 or 50 (sometimes up to 80 🙂 down to under 15. Now, not everyone out here posts their page stats so I have no idea whether other part-time bloggers like myself are getting in terms of average hits per day as measured by WordPress. I am pretty happy when the count is above 30. Then I made the mistake of looking at the tips page on WordPress concerning how to increase your hits. On that site, a “bad” day was like under 10000 hits or something. I felt like such a loser, but still, I am doing this for my writing skills! Or at least that’s what I told myself.


In all honesty, I am loving doing my almost-daily-with-some-excusable-gaps blogging this year and especially appreciate the several friends, fellow bloggers, random readers and colleagues that have written and encouraged me this year. A big bear hug going out! Without your encouragement and kind words, perhaps the occasionally abysmal hit numbers would become overwhelmingly depressing. But they haven’t and for that: Thank you 🙂

Raining in Paris

As for the subtitle, it was raining in Paris today and as usual, the average speed of 20 km/h dropped to 5 km/h for most of the ride. I don’t get it. There was not an accident or anything just the slow, wet ride home in a sea of brake lights. It’s not like I wasn’t really hoping for an accident but at least I would have been able to explain the wasted time by one particular idiot rather than 10000 idiots. Oh sorry, other drivers, I mean. Argh. Is it this bad in all big cities in the rain? In Miami this summer, I recall it taking me over an hour to get home in the rain once but I was in North Miami Beach trying to get to Homestead – almost 80km. Tonight, it took me 1h25m to go one-quarter of that distance…In case you missed my rant series as an ex-pat living in Paris, start here and read up to here.

If you don’t mind, I am going to end this here because I finally got Dexter S06E03 and want to see whether the show quality this season is going to improve from what I have already noted is not the best Dexter ever…


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3 Responses to Blogging and Ego followed by Raining Cats and Frogs and the Impossible Task

  1. Susan says:

    Perhaps those of us who signed up for “instant blog” do not get counted as “hits” each day!

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