Embrace Your Inner Fino, One Four-Letter Word At A Time

Not one of my prouder moments - or - a younger sort of drunk me

I am pretty much a tech-weenie-daddy-o with Tourretes. I mean, shit, I curse a bit. ‘Specially when I am worked up. I mentioned a few days back that one colleague said that it was perceived by some as “too much” and “too hard”.  To be honest, I have been kicking those words around in my brain since then and did actually come to a conclusion. Fuck it. I mean, if I don’t embrace my inner Fino and express my energy and enthusiasm even if it is sarcastic and rude, I’ll go ape-shit crazy. I, mistakenly perhaps, feel like I need to take it upon myself to move people out of their comfort zone so that they can think out of the box. That is uncomfortable for most people and perhaps that’s why they feel a bit put out or that I am somehow attacking them. Well, for any readers that got that impression, my apologies. I am not sure that intrinsically, it is something I can change completely. Remember, I did grow up in Miami with Cubans that could make Mexican gangsters blush with their spanish and where, for the remaining white folks, fuck is basically a conjunction. And, while I am being honest and all, I have never really been all that good at restraint. So can we just chalk this up to “life improvements for Fino, one four-letter word at a time”? We should also keep in mind that venting is important for maintaining a creative edge and getting things out of the system. Remember when I wrote about that scene in Some Kind of Monster with Ulrich screaming in James’ face? That primal “Fuck!” was a turning point in the relation between the two men and probably saved the band Metallica to a degree. I believe in the everlasting salutary nature of a well placed swear-word. But then, that’s perhaps just me…

In other news, I watched S06E03 of Dexter last night and was a bit relieved as it is starting to accelerate a bit. That being said, the focus story about the aged Tooth Fairy killer was way too predictable. I felt like I could have written that script blindfolded with an arm behind my back. There were other moments that helped – I like Mitsuka’s creepy assistant and the season’s bad guys are getting nice and evil now. It will be interesting to see how they play the new character coming in from Chicago…jury is still out…


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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5 Responses to Embrace Your Inner Fino, One Four-Letter Word At A Time

  1. yong says:

    got a perfect song for you, fino

  2. Erik Spierenburg says:

    Well, we Dutch swear à lot too in general so I totally understatement. But fuck, Fino! It’s called Tourrette’s. 😉

  3. Erik Spierenburg says:

    Damn autocorrect! Understand is what I said!

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