Under the Knife

I am having long-overdue surgery on my knee tomorrow so that, hopefully, I’ll be back to running again before Christmastime. It does make me nervous though because, other than my appendix, I have never had anyone gouging into some part of me before. I was more or less a chicken-shit nerd (hard to believe right?) when I was a kid so I didn’t break my arm or nose or anything. I never went on snow vacations out of Miami so there was little risk of breaking a leg or twisting an ankle. Despite some folks insistence, I stubbornly hold on to my contacts and refuse surgery on my eyes for my relatively severe (nerdy once again) myopia. But this time, there is no escaping the knife. Well, the tubes because there are actually two holes that will be made into my anesthetized knee…I’ll spare the details but show you the photos afterwards ok?

As for yesterday’s post, I have to admit that I was far less vulgar today and even kept from looking at either iPhone or computer screen for almost 15 whole minutes today. A record 🙂 Like I alluded to yesterday, baby steps.

Free subject for comments: Does a clean slate / white page / new start scare the shit out of you or sound fucking exciting? Since reading those Kawasaki books, this devil’s seed has been planted in my mind because I would have been more on the former response for quite a while but am slowly leaning towards the latter. Oh cyber-reader, what does that concept conjure up in your virtual minds?


About mfinocchiaro

IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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4 Responses to Under the Knife

  1. Your sis says:

    Been there done that!don’t know if mom told you I had to redo my ACL reconstruction.you will be fine and you are a chicken! Love your sis

  2. Erik Spierenburg says:

    First of all, good luck with the recovery after the surgery, I hope it turned out all OK!

    Tabula rasa, my vote is “fucking exciting”, no doubt about that. I really love to sort of tend the garden for stuff already done and to make it better and such. But a blank page can really get you excited. The limitless possibillities, especially in software, making something out of an idea or a need. Those are the times I feel blessed being in this industry.

  3. mfinocchiaro says:

    Thanks Sis! You are admittedly the queen of knee surgery so that means a lot ;P

    And Erik, thanks to you too – and I agree that the blank slate also revs my engines. I think that, honestly, back in school, I wasn’t as intrepid – for me it has been something that has improved with age…

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