The Short Road to Recovery and TV Review: Homeland

The inside of my knee with the fractured meniscus

The operation on my knee went predictably well. Other than the slight regression concerning the peridural and loss of bladder control…apparently I shouldn’t worry because 50% of folks that get a peridural have these sorts of little, um, accidents. It was certainly weird to be wheeled around on my back on the gurney. I felt like an actor in one of those hospital sitcoms or soap operas. Fortunately, it went quickly and I am already walking – although admittedly I should ease off quite a bit so that my knee fully recovers. Oh yeah, another bummer is the anti-phlebo shots I have to take so that I don’t explode my lungs with a blood clot of something. Christ, they have a unique way of scaring the living shit out of you some doctors, don’t you think?


In other news, I watched the first three episodes of Homeland. It is a bit of a tired old story: renegade CIA agent with a wild-hair but most likely accurate suspicion on an otherwise unsuspectible suspect, a complacent and patriotic CIA chief of staff, a withered Afghanistan veteran coming to terms with his wife (who predictably was boning his best friend and superior), and the usual arab terrorist mastermind. Kind of anti-war but kind of pro-war at the same time. All that Showtime ambiguity I suppose. Anyone else watching this one? Not sure that I’ll continue…

OK so, I better go rest my knee now…more tomorrow 🙂


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