TV Show Reviews: Dexter S06E04 and Weeds S02E04

Weeds Season 2

I do miss having Showtime and HBO over here, not to mention Sunday afternoon football. So, I have to get all my data over the web. I am pleased with Tebow’s starting QB debut and comeback yesterday against the hapless ‘Fins even if his obsession with religion is annoying. I notice that the Lions lost again, back to the old days I suppose. As for TV, I am still trying to catch up on Weeds and now am into the 2nd quarter of S02. The banana-jerkoff theme in E03 was pretty original, hadn’t heard of that one, ever. The subplot with Andy and his rabbinic school is a bit boorish and I really can’t stand either the Doug character or his nemesis Celia. Oh well, let’s see how this goes.

Dexter S06

And then there’s Dexter. E04 was described by a friend as “boring except for the end”. Well, I think that the “come to Jesus” scene at the coffee machine in the hospital was a bit of a stretch. I guess the Brother Sam character is just a little hard to believe – or perhaps its just too much of a coincidental parallel to the Doomsday Killers storyline. The bang at the end was admittedly well shot and impressive as is the swarm that comes just after. Still not as good as Season 4 but getting better…


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