Book Review: Molly Ivins: A Rebel Life

Molly Ivins Biography

Earlier this year, I made a deal with myself to read some biographies and thus reduce the backlog of nightstand books haunting me day after day. I reviewed Isaacson’s Einstein some months back and after my Kawasaki and Klostermann detours, biographies are back in the foreground for me. The first one, which I finished today, was about the late Texas journalist and political writer Molly Ivins who dies of cancer in 2007. I read her books at the height of my anti-Bush period (which curiously has never ended now that I think of it). Bill Minutaglio of University of Texas in Austin (Molly’s spiritual home) and W. Michael Smith who worked for Molly for six years. If you hve never heard of her, I can assure you that a funnier, more intelligient, wittier, lefty writer is nearly impossible to find. My favorites from her include, You Got To Them What Brung YouShrub, The Short, Happy Political Life of George W. Bush and Bushwhacked. They are all hilarious insights into Texas, the Bush legacy and America under Bush and are irreplacable. As for the biography, it was fascinating to learn that Molly was actually born into big Houston oil money but rejected her priviliged upbringing in becoming a dissenter. I also learned that she was a big time alcoholic, something that I did not suspect at all. An example of Molly humour: “if his IQ were any lower, they’d have to water him twice a day”. Love it! The biography is pretty well-written although there are long lists of names of her friends and acquaintences that get a little overbearing sometimes. One thing is for sure, I wanna go back and reread me some Molly and reading about it sure made me miss Austin a lot. -sniff-


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