TV Series: Weeds S02 – The Sophomore Curse?

Still playing catch up with a few series, I finished Season 2 of Weeds today. There were some hilarious moments, particularly around the sexual awakening of Shane and the misadventures of Celia. The tragedy of Peter was predictable but a bit overplayed perhaps. In fact, the last episode was really over the top in a “jumping the shark” kind of way. There is suppose to be a mega suspense build-up and, yes, I’ll watch S03 next, but the plausible reality was completely suspended with each of the characters being in a quagmire at the end. There is also supposed to be some fear here but in fact, it is too farcical. I think that the first season was wittier and better written. On the positive side, there were some hilarious moments in Episode 10 – particularly with the sudden appearance of Andy’s ex from Alaska but this seemed to be written in late to the script to give Andy renewed purpose on the cast. Also, it is bizarre how the Latino guy that Nancy boned in S01 and partnered with for the green house just completely disappeared from the whole storyline after S02E01. It is also improbable that the Armenians would have been so willing to help Heylia….well, perhaps they strung things better together in S03. S02 of Dexter wandered too. Fortunately, we have shows like The Wire or Breaking Bad that didn’t let up at all in S02.


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