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Apple Genius Bar – World-Class Support

I have now had three dealings with the Genius Bar at various Apple Stores with lots of success that I wanted to share with you. Here’s the moral of the story: if you have a problem with an Apple product, … Continue reading

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Dex, Nucky, and Raylan, Part 2 plus Siri Report

Sorry, but I am short of ideas tonight and impatient to catch up on Boardwalk Empire. Those 10k bottles of Irish whiskey and all… Dexter S06E09 was really good even if ot was a little Fight Club at the end. … Continue reading

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iTunes Match and Dex, Nucky and Raylan

I am a little disappointed to be honest with Match. First off, the switch took over a week to complete. I had to subdivide my 89k library down to 25k songs – I had 23.7k rock songs so I just … Continue reading

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Starbucks and I…and McDs

There is another Starbucks opening near my Parisian flat. I think that within a 1km radius of my apartment there must be, let’s see, 3 and soon 4 Starbucks (Fbg Poissoniere and Fbg Montmartre, Sentier and the new one coming … Continue reading

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Orbitsound T12v3 Review and iPhone 4S

After my “early” review, I felt I owed you a more final one. It is a great little box. The bar looks really nice and the subwoofer is pretty discrete as well. The sound itself is good. You do need … Continue reading

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Raising Kids: Happy Meals

I have to say that two of the worst things for a kid’s meal have to be minced carrots and couscous. The velocity at which a small bowl of either of these becomes wallpaper and decoration on the tablecloth is … Continue reading

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This blog is closed – for Thanksgiving :)

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers!! See you tomorrow 🙂

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