Some recent iPad Apps

My Home Screen

It has been a while since I last listed my favorite iPad apps so here is an update of new discoveries and a few old favorites:

  • I really like Aweditorium. It is a huge map of independent bands of all stripes that you can listen to for hours – commercial-free – to discover the latest in indy music.
  • Eyewitness from The Guardian is a daily favorite for the absolutely gorgeous photos that they publish. I was flabbergasted with the one a few days ago of the guy in a kayak off of Santa Cruz next to two humpbacks breaching.
  • The new Facebook app is OK, not extraordinary but still better than the browser version.
  • Editions from AOL is a nice on-line (and free!) daily magazine loaded with user-customizable sections.
  • Even more revolutionary in form, Flipbook is a cool way of reading your twitter and Facebook news feeds as well as the other content that they pull. The UI is one of the best out there.
  • The Remember The Milk iPad App is still, for me, the best GTD app out there for simplicity and ubiquity. I just wish they’d sync it with Evernote and the new iOS5 Reminders
  • TripIt’s iPad app is really useful as is TripAdvisors for the road warrior.
  • VLC is of inestimable worth for watching avi’s without needing to import them into iTunes and sync first.
  • Skype is of extraordinary quality on the iPad 2 and beats – at least for me – FaceTime face down.
  • Apple’s AirPort Utility is amazing – I love being able to graphically see my home network as well as all the connected devices.
  • GarageBand is loads of fun as well.
  • Before baseball season ended, MLB2011 was a godsend for following the diamond all year.
  • For a more global view (despite its lack of Rugby), SportsTap is a great and relatively fast app for viewing sports results and news with no annoying banner ads.
  • The Weather Channel app is my favorite for weather just beating WeatherBug.
  • WebEx is excellent for following webcasts at work
  • Nightstand is a fun alarm clock for the iPad
  • How could I forget: WordPress for the iPad is also pretty good aside from the fact that you need to temporarily create a fake admin user for the stats to work and even then you waste most of your screen real estate and the monthly stats don’t work. Oh well, the most important feature of just blogging works fine.

I can’t review Pandora or Netflix because they are not -sniff- available in France where I live along with Showtime, HBO and other media sites. I haven’t paid for Spotify Premium so that one is also out there for the moment.


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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