TV Series: Weeds S04 – The big slurping sound

Weeds Season 4

Thanks to a transatlantic flight last week, I was able to finish yet another season of Weeds. Nancy Botwin & Co have been literally burned out of Agrestic/Majestic and settle in Ren Mar near San Diego and the Mexican border. This proximity to Mexico dominates several of the subplots: the affaire between Nancy and cartel kingpin Esteban as well as the coyote adventure of Doug and Andy. As for the kids, Silas beds a divorced mother of one and Shane becomes the adolescent rebel and has his cherry popped by two goth chicks. It is quite a ride but clearly a transitional season. We never feel as if they are throwing down roots in Ren Mar because the house isn’t even theirs and each of them has a rather tenuous hold on normalcy. As for Celia, she hits rock bottom with drug abuse and alcoholism. I am already tired of her character but believe that she will be part of the story – for better or for worse – until the end.

I noticed that there is loads of slurping in the show. I started noticing this back in about S01 or S02 when Nancy would be doing errands or business about town, she nearly always was slurping on some nearly empty plastic glass of something – latte maybe? I can’t quite ascertain if there is some subliminal connection to her plight. I did notice that this continued in Season 4 – perhaps it is, for her, an oral fetish (the straw) since we have never seen her smoke on the show.

Morals are certainly variable on Weeds. Is Nancy a lousy mother? Probably but she does love her kids. Perhaps, there is a latent “If you love somebody, set them free” attitude but in fact if feels far closer to abandonment and negligence than something calculated. Also, she doesn’t actively consume any of the things she traffics, doesn’t smoke and rarely drinks and yet she is a trafficker. Notice that when she finally gets a straight-ish job at the maternity store, she can’t help herself but to meddle and go as far as circumventing local management to get directly to Esteban to ask to deal again. She is definitely hooked. So, morally, there are only grey areas here – almost no black and white.

Lastly, her relationship with Esteban is pretty interesting. Knowing that nearly all the men that loved her are dead – with the exceptions of the latino dude in Season 1 (what happened to that guy?), Conrad, and (although only platonic and one-way) Andy, one wonders if he will survive her. Obviously, we know she will live for at least 3+ more seasons but he is the head of the cartel and she rats part of his team out at the end of the season…interesting plot twist in any case. I do like his character – dark, suave with some latent violence, sensitive, debonaire…all the things that drive Nancy crazy now.

Season 3 was really good – Season 4 was, IMHO, a little less powerful than Season 3 but leaves hope for loads of twists and intrigue in Season 5. I suppose I’ll know for sure relatively soon…

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