Rant on TV Suspension of Disbelief and the Joys of Cake

U of T - actually CSU-Long Beach in California

Now, I admit that I enjoy these series I am watching otherwise I wouldn’t invest the time right? But, for the record, it is very annoying when they “jump the shark” so to say or, worse, assume that the audience doesn’t have a fucking clue about geography. Case in point: in Dexter Season 6, the bad guy was previously a quacky professor. The name of his university: University of Tallahassee. Now, perhaps its just ‘cos I am a Florida boy but – that DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST. There is Florida State University (bunch of panty wastes as all of us Gators will testify) in Tallahassee but Univ of Tally? Ridiculous. Worse, as Floridians and anyone with access to Google Maps could attest, Tallahassee is at least a 1 hour plane ride or a ten or eleven hour drive from Miami. I mean, Gainesville was already about seven hours on a good day and Tally another three to four beyond that. So, how is it that Quinn and Batista just pop over to U of T for interviews over lunch? My suspension of disbelief was stretched a little too far and I felt a bit, well, annoyed frankly. I realize this is an extreme case but my patience is already tested a bit with Dexter where the only really authentic Miami footage is Dexter’s apartment however that is also a bit unrealistic because that neighborhood on Bay Harbor Island is really pricey – could he really afford it on a blog spatter salary from the cheap city of Miami? OK, enough of a rant for tonight…

Cake - Fashion Nugget (1996)

I listened to my Cake CDs on iTunes for several hours today. Its not revolutionary music but it has moments that are hilarious and even glorious – particularly the remake of I Will Survive and just about every track on Fashion Nugget. There are other highlights here and there especially on Comfort Eagle like Short Skirt / Long Jacket. The latest albums, Pressure Chief and Showrooms of Compassion are a little disappointing to be honest. Check out the first two for a little head bobbing and a laugh or two 🙂


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2 Responses to Rant on TV Suspension of Disbelief and the Joys of Cake

  1. Keith says:

    U of Tallahasie?? Seriously?, this series is fiction!! The producers and writers have license to do whatever they want!

  2. yaykisspurr says:

    This is an annoying habit of writers, for my brother especially who watches television with me. When a writer bases their world on real life it’s hard to believe in the world as a viewer when the writer doesn’t follow the rules…especially of geography and time. I personally find it to be laziness. It takes time to come up with ways to get around basic facts to follow the plot you have developed. Many writers, especially tv ones, I find fall in to using certain techniques to overcome having to be creative. I find this is when the best kind of plot is developed. Anyway, cheers!

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