NSCCDF: November Meeting Minutes, or how an evening was passed among geeks

The movie selection for geeks this season is soooo awful that the Nerd Sci-Fi Ciné Club de Paris (NSFCCDP) has boycotted movies for 2 months now. Last night, we convened at a little bar tucked behind the Saint-Denis prostitution district for beer and geek talk. Present were 2112.net and greycrane.net (or do you prefer to go by potatoihave?) and yours truly. Meeting minutes follow.

10:15PM I arrive pretty late because my Velib’ card didn’t work and even my Carte Bleue was blocked in the damn kiosk so it took me an extra 15 minutes to find another bike rental spot and get my Velib’ and haul my ass down to to Chatelet. Once there, I found greycrane and 2112 behind two half-empty beers (so I am a little pessimistic these days, it happens). I proceeded to order a mojito so as to quickly catch up. The subject of conversation was 2112’s bike and its killer ratio of 48 to 36 or was it 38 to 36? Can’t quite remember. Anyway, fascinating as you can imagine

10:35PM I purchased another round of beers: Chimay for everyone. I notice that a pimp has parked his Land Rover for a delivery or something and a group of 5 are lighting up some hash just behind us. The bar is relatively crowded with younger folks and a grrrl band is playing inside. The conversation swings behind cloud programming and fiber network technology (I didn’t know that there was glass and plastic fiber and that the drop off of speed was at about 10 km, did you?)

11:15PM Second round purchased by greycrane: Chimay for me and Duvel for greycrane and 2112. The pimp has been replaced by a random loser parked in the same spot. Cops show up and start poking around. At about 11:30PM, a female cop drives off with the guy’s car and the loser dude is packed (but without cuffs) in the backseat of the cop car and driven off. Quite strange. Mysteriously, the hash smokers have disappeared. The music in the bar is now modern dance crapola and the crowd is young and drunk. When coming out of the bar with the third round, greycrane informs us that girls are now dancing on the tables. In true geek form, there is a group shoulder shrug and conversation returns to bike gears before shifting to 2112’s research into breakbeats and breakdancing.

12:00 greycrane is starting to eye his watch every couple of minutes and consult his iPhone for the last RER back south. Fourth round – Duvels all around – has been purchased by 2112 a few minutes hence and is being slammed by greycrane as he tries to take his leave. 2112 is still explaining that he was a breakdancer to the general surprise and dismay. Apparently, he grew up in a one-horse town where there was nothing else to do. And apparently breakdancing is about reaching for invisible weapons. I had never seen the link to capoeira before so there you go. 2112 mentioned how he was researching old funk licks and how loads of them get traced back to a group called The Watsons or something. I comment that I figured Roy Ayers and Herbie Hancock must be up there on the list as well. greycrane looks at watch one last time and splits.

12:30AM 2112 and myself down the last of our beers and walk over to the famous bike – a Specialized Cirrus if I am not mistaken. It is very, very light but I comment how I’d be scared shitless of having it lifted. I also express impressed surprise at the relatively low price tag of 750€ – I had guess twice that. 2112 walks with me to rue Etienne Marcel where we part ways until Thanksgiving at his place next Thursday.

1:00 AM I arrive home on foot. I listened to Metallica the whole way on my iPhone and remark how much I love Death Magnetic and do some silent head banging to Metal Militia for the seminal Kill ‘Em All. When I leave the bathroom after brushing my teeth, I notice that my wife is cuddling my awakened daughter. Seeing me, she tosses me the baby and heads off to bed.

1:30AM Having drunk her bottle, my daughter finally goes to sleep and I can schlep off to do the same.


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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