TV Series: Weeds S05 – vertigo

Weeds Season 5

Yet more TV therapy: I really liked Season 5 of Weeds – so much so that I am already 3 episodes into S06. The story starts off where season 4 leaves off with Nancy saving her ass because she’s pregsters with Esteban’s baby. As in Season 4, the story lines with Celia (going to see her other daughter and getting treated really, really badly) and Doug (still a loser) were, like in S04, annoying. I still like the Silas and Shane characters and the Andy character has gone from annoying to endearing. There are loads of comic moments and twists and turns leading up to the climatic close which leads to the definitive flight from California for the Botwins. The relationship between Nancy and Esteban and the arrival of Stevie Ray are all well-played out. The despicable Pilar is perhaps the weakest actress in the cast. I think that I was not a big fan of Esteban actually so seeing the relationship fall apart was not a real disappointment.

This series does have a tendency to leave you uncomfortable with the moral choices taken by the protagonists and in particular by Nancy. In Season 5, we cringe when she choses Esteban over Andy and can understand Andy’s deep-end style reaction even if the beard may have been a bit over done. The humor of General Lee wasn’t lost on this Miami boy who loved the Dukes as a kid.

Only 23 episodes to be all caught up now 🙂


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2 Responses to TV Series: Weeds S05 – vertigo

  1. One of my favorite shows. Unfortunately, we don’t have Showtime (HBO?). I have to order it from Netflix and there’s a long wait for Season 6. Bummer.

    • mfinocchiaro says:

      Thanks for the comment. It definitely rates really high in terms of script originality and the lengths to which Nancy will go. And it does force one to stretch their moral compass just a little more every episode.

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