TV Series: Weeds S06 – drifting

Weeds Season 6

I am zipping through these Weeds like a wire cutter here 🙂 The last season took a while to get started as I alluded to in my previous article but once it does it is hilarious (especially E10 and E11) and blows through characters like a Kansas twister. The twist at the end of E13 with Plan C was great even if Silas’ timely arrival was a bit of a stretch. I still think the writing of the show is totally awesome and have already started delving into S07. Great show. Oh yeah, the cameo of creator Jenji Kohen in the airport in E13 was fab too! I think that in this series the best season list goes like this from best to least good: 1, 4, 6, 5, 2, 3…and we’ll see for S07! Off for S07E04! Talk about addiction to weed, jeez 🙂


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