TV Series: Weeds S07 – recidivist

Weeds Season 7 - Nancy Gets Out and Gets Back In

I finished it. What a cliffhanger that last episode! I loved the split editing of E12, the ending of E10, the humor of E09 and the reunion with the Heylia character who provided the funniest dialog in the show besides Andy. The issues Nancy haves with Silas and Shane are well-written and superbly acted. The new subplot for Doug with the Ponzi scheme provided great comedy breaks. The upside-down bike store was pure genius. There is so much to like in S07. OK, so it is a bit of “jumping the shark” the way Nancy plays the Feds off of the SEC to get out of the Halfway House while jumping with two feet back into the drug business, but despite that, the staff writers were on fire once again. I really like the change of venue to NYC and the sets – especially the aforementioned bike shop. The new charters such as Dmitri and Emma provided some freshness that was missing in S06. I also am happy NOT to see Celia around. Although one wonders how her cartel is getting on all the same. The hookup of Doug and Heylia is a bit of a stretch, but again, why not. It made for good TV. And Doug is always fun to beat up on I suppose.

What I liked about Season 7 was the sense of vertigo I got from watching it. Like in Breaking Bad S04 where we watch the battle lines get drawn and the full war between Gus and Walt, we see Nancy at her lowest and then climbing back tooth and nail back on top. Well, maybe on top – that will largely depend on S08E01 when we know at whom the shot was fired in the last second of S07E13…Great show, Weeds!


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