Orbitsound T12v3 Review and iPhone 4S

Orbitsound T12v3 thanks to TrustedReviews.com

After my “early” review, I felt I owed you a more final one. It is a great little box. The bar looks really nice and the subwoofer is pretty discrete as well. The sound itself is good. You do need to be over a certain volume threshold (and this is unfortunately too loud for my wife in most cases) for the subwoofer to really kick in but it works nicely on TV, movies and music as well. The connections are super easy as well – it did include the TOS cable which was much appreciated. I am now asking myself though that since my cable box, television, and AppleTV all have TOS output, how does one aggregate all this digital sound when the sound bar only has one TOS input? One gripe about the T12v3 is that there is no way other than the kludgy clicking on the remote and the blinking blue light confirmation on the bar to know which source the bar is tuned to (iPod or coax or TOS). But, despite that, I am a fan of this gear.

iPhone 4S

I finally got on the iPhone 4/4S bandwagon today. What a beautiful device. Haven’t been able to play with FaceTime or Skype yet but the restore from my iPhone 3GS went flawlessly and the performance feels almost 2x over the 3GS. I only took the 16GB model since I am using iTunes Match for the moment and in any case, I have iPads for watching video and reading documents. I’ll let you know once I do some field testing with the 8mp camera and FaceTime as well. I can’t wait to try out Siri some as well.


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