iTunes Match and Dex, Nucky and Raylan

I am a little disappointed to be honest with Match. First off, the switch took over a week to complete. I had to subdivide my 89k library down to 25k songs – I had 23.7k rock songs so I just used that category – and of those there were about 2400 that weren’t already on iCloud. For those 2400 songs, it took about a week and perhaps a dozen attempts to get them all uploaded. And then…well not a whole lot. Yes, I can access them on my iPhone 4S and my iPads but, I could sync before that. Plus, now I only have 1/4 of my collection available on these devices. Another drawback is that even for recent albums for which I had album covers (Death Magnetic by Metallica for one), Match is missing loads of album covers. This is highly annoying. Almost as annoying as the fact that, unlike the hype, I still have loads of songs at <128k that were matched but that weren't "upgraded" to a higher bit-rate. Wasn't that touted as an advantage of Match or was I reading it wrong? Lastly, I just realized that now the disk space on my iPhone is a total waste. Since I am grabbing the songs off iCloud, what do I need storage for besides games and apps? Before, I wanted to back gigs of music on that sucker, now I can't really fill it up, can I? And then there is the issue of how will I hear my music in an unconnected situation like a plane ride? How do I sync the songs so they are really on my iPhone? I have 24k songs on here so clicking on the cloud icon 1000s of times is not gonna do it for me. If anyone has a clue to pass me, I am all ears.

I am still enjoying all my little TV series and the main characters. Dex is, well, Dex and doing his serial killer thing. Going to watch S06E09 tonight. We are all wondering if he'll get DDK before Deb does…as for Nucky, he will probably get his vengeance in another two episodes, but will the Irish patriot dude still be banging his wife? I know that the season is already over, but I find that the intrigue of Justified is quite addictive particularly in S02. I am enjoying the Mags vs Dixie Mafia that is building up as well as the side stories like the guy with emphysema who robs banks and Boyd's double-cross of the would-be mine payroll robbers. Great stuff. So, off to some Dex 🙂


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2 Responses to iTunes Match and Dex, Nucky and Raylan

  1. Rick says:

    Hey Fino – I’m still trying to figure out why I would need “the cloud” when it comes to music and videos. Given that I also have thousands of songs and more movies and TV shows recorded than I’ll likely ever watch, I don’t see limiting myself to the cloud storage limits as a plus. Most of the time, I’d be listening or watching these in a plane or in a building (like a gym) where I won’t have good bandwidth. (Despite their ads, my experience with AT&T is not great where I live.) And we haven’t even started talking about battery life on devices when you have wireless or 3G-heavy use. I was tempted to start using iCloud, but I think that the flexibility in being able to manage all of my apple clients as well as my 4 daughters’ devices by syncing the old fashion way outweighs the cool newness of iCloud.

    Actually, I’m torn between letting Apple manage my content or using Google. I’ve been very happy with the thousands of pictures that I have backed up and/or shared via Picasa. I’d certainly want to talk to people who have used each of these. The reason of “you can get to your music anywhere” doesn’t really matter when you have a 160 Gb iPod, iPhone and iPad. I also sync my Apple TV (1st Gen) to my PC over my wireless network. (As you will find out with your kids, being able to look at all of your family pictures while playing music from a playlist on your TV can keep your in-laws busy for hours during a family gathering.)

    I’m looking forward to hearing how this works out for you once you use it for a while.

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