Apple Genius Bar – World-Class Support

Carrousel du Louvre Apple Store - no there is no DaVinci Code here

I have now had three dealings with the Genius Bar at various Apple Stores with lots of success that I wanted to share with you. Here’s the moral of the story: if you have a problem with an Apple product, immediately set up an appointment at the Apple Store nearest to you and take your gear in there. I have not yet been disappointed. Now, I have a friend that is a small business owner that didn’t get the same treatment, so I am only speaking for myself, but I have heard similar stories from other individuals using the Genius Bar. Anyway, here goes…

My first visit to a Genius Bar was to the Apple Mecca in Palo Alto. I had a problem with the right channel of my iPod Touch some years back. I was awed by the store itself and found it hilarious that the two geniuses present were the prototypical Apple dudes:

  • The 50-year old GNU programmer with bushy hair and a pocket protector and thick classes – kind of like a geeky Big Lebowsky
  • The 27-year old surfer dude complete with shorts and flip-flops kind of like a blonde Keanu Reeves from Point Break but version “nerd”

I ended up with the latter who told me that my iPod was “fucked” but that he would give me a 20% discount if I bought another one (I did). It really was friendly and out-going – especially the 20% 🙂

Second experience happened about three years ago. I had an issue with my iPhone 3G and had already gone through my local operator for support. They dragged their feet, tried to wiggle out of their support contract, and then said they’d do it but I’d need to leave a 200€ deposit and be phone-less for at least 48h while they determined whether they could repair it or not. Needless to say, that was out of the question so I headed over to the Genius Bar at the Carrousel du Louvre Store that had just opened in Paris and within about 15 minutes walked back out with a spanking new iPhone 3G no hassle and no wait. Sweet! [Genius this time was 30-ish and slightly overweight with bushy hair and glasses]

Today, I went in for a chipped bezel on the back of the screen of my 17″ MacBook Pro that I purchased back in 2009, i.e. way off the 1y AppleCare contract. The genius [about 25 blondish, tall with no glasses] at the Vélizy 2 mall Apple Store took a look and had a spare piece in the back. He had the bezel replaced along with a missing machine screw from the bottom of the case and also deep-cleaned the machine including vacuuming the interior…all for free! And this despite my evil switch of the SuperDrive for a 2nd disk drive which I had been told was like walking in there with a Windows machine. Once again, friendly service – and free – resulting in my old MBP looking brandy new and healthy!

So, I guess that when you pay the big bucks for a Mac (or a Mercedes B180 as I also have), you get the service that goes along with it. It certainly made my day three times!


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IT Architecture Guru for large PLM software company but dabbling in Web 2.0 and other stuff.
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One Response to Apple Genius Bar – World-Class Support

  1. Ed M. says:

    Apple Genius Bar seems like a good job to me Too bad it doesn’t pay as well as PLM software specialist. 😉

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