TV Series: Justified S02 preceded by strange sightings in Paris today…

Giraffe sighting

How often is it that you come home to a full-sized stuffed giraffe? Seriously, there were two guys carrying this animal into an apartment in my building today. So bizarre. And this on the heels of my sighting of a witch. There was this wizened old lady with yellowy white hair, crooked nose and the greenest complexion that I have ever seen. All that was missing was the pointy hat. Let’s just say it was surreal. Like my week this week. Surreal. I have no clue what my neighbors intend to do with this beast. I find it pretty tacky. Perhaps a bit un-PC as well. It was shockingly realistic though. I have more photos if folks are interested. And what does one do with a 4 meter tall stuffed animal? It won’t really fit on a coffee table but perhaps it is a intended as a conversation piece. “So Bernard, what was it you were saying? Oh, please don’t feed the giraffe, its only for show”…

Justified S02

I finished Justified S02 last night. I loved it perhaps even more than S01. The Mags character was grandiose as was the ever-evolving-evilness of Boyd. The whole dynamic between the Crowders (well the lone survivor, Boyd anyway), the Givens (with Arlo and Raylan at each other’s throats), and the ill-fated Bennett clan was fantastic. From the first episode which wrapped up all of the loose ends from S01 in an effective manner that allowed the new stories to start right away (see my previous post on the troubles in Weeds to get moving on new seasons). The new intrigues with Winona’s indiscretion, Raylan’s cowboy ways, and the developing drama around Loretta draw the viewer immediately into the story. The dialogs are sharp, the music is great and well-chosen (I loved Devil at the Wheel for the episode where Boyd is driving his truck at the end). The action is non-stop as well including a nice Boyd explosion, loads of gun battles, and the occasional murder victim or two. The one thing I didn’t quite get was Art’s comment that Raylan was a “terrible” marshall. It seemed to me that his dealing with the inmate hostage situation in E03 and his intuition demonstrated numerous times qualifies him above “terrible”. In any case, I suppose that there is like this father-son thing going on there because we are never sure if Art has a family and we know that Raylan would rather not have Arlo as a dad. The final showdown in E12 and E13 was well-played and exciting – including the closing shot with doubts over whether Raylan would keel over or not. I also didn’t understand what Mags said near the end about pulling out of the Blackpike deal or something, perhaps I missed something. In any case, for those that haven’t watched Justified, it is worth your while. And the other good news is that Timothy Olyphant will be back in January for S03!

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2 Responses to TV Series: Justified S02 preceded by strange sightings in Paris today…

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  2. yaykisspurr says:

    Hi Fino!
    Great post about a show I adore! Raylan is a great character flawed but not overly so…you know he’s still a good guy.

    That comment from Art is to remind Raylan of the things Art knows that makes him that “terrible” marshal. He’s saying the things I know makes you a terrible marshal not that Raylan is a terrible marshal in reality. He has always questioned Raylan’s morality due to his constantly killing different guys which blurs the line between the villains and the marshals, but Raylan allowing his ex-wife to escape justice when it’s clear she stole a lot of money…that makes him terrible. I like your idea though that Art is like a positive father figure for Raylan and Arlo is the negative father figure. So Art is really an ideal that Raylan can work toward, while Arlo is who he needs to fight becoming…it’s that age old adage that we become our parents…


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