Miami vs ‘Nawlins -or- Dexter S06E11 and Treme S02E01

When I think about it, Miami and New Orleans have quite a few things in common: racial minorities that actually constitute urban majorities, they have probably hosted the most SuperBowls and NCAA national championships, each city’s NFL team has won a Superbowl or two, each is wracked by crime and natural disasters, and each is the scene of two of my favorite TV shows: Dexter and Treme.

As S06 nears the end, The scenario for Dexter is getting better after a mid-season lull. I anticipate loads of fireworks between now and E13. Travis is gonna get his but will it come form Dex or Miami Homicide? Will Angel get out alive? Great suspense being built up. I am not fond of Mitsuka’s twisted serial killer-obsessed intern and Quinn is now completely annoying but we still have Deb now don’t we? Nitpick: the boat in the episode is registered to Coral Gables. To be precise, Coral Gables doesn’t actually border the Bay, Coconut Grove does, and this boat is way too big to navigate the canal system from the Gables to the Bay so that was a little iffy. That being said though, it was definitely filmed among the islands in the Bay near where Dexter’s apartment is in Bay Harbor as far as I could tell.

As for Treme, I just started S02 and am in E02 now. I love this show. The music is awesome and I love the character development. The blonde that is now a sous-chef in NYC, the chief now kicked out of the restaurant, the widowed lawyer still taking desperate cases, and the happy-go-lucky loser nabbed the gorgeous violin player from S01. Great stuff against an ever tragic NO under reconstruction, where I think that the new Latino character is going to create some intrigue. The camera work is great and I think the title credits and song are among the best I know of. For those that haven’t checked Treme out, sachez right over and check it out, it swings.

Tomorrow is boy’s night out featuring Mr “I visited Cherynobyl as a tourist because it is there and I needed to knock Ukraine off my countries not visited list” so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting tomorrow. I will, however, soon post more about technology if you don’t mind…


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